Breakout Sessions

Listed below are the descriptions for each Breakout Session offered.
Please note, if you are pursuing ACBC Certification, you will take Foundations for all five Sessions.

Breakout #1

Foundations: Basics of Biblical Counseling (P1)

Speaker TBD

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) is a nationally recognized certifying agency for biblical counseling. One of the steps to becoming ACBC is to pass the ACBC exams. This class is designed to both help beginning counselors understand the basics of biblical counseling, and  to help participants pass the ACBC counseling exam. This class will cover these basic concepts: The Need for Biblical Counseling, The Definition and Goal of Biblical Counseling, and Progressive Sanctification.

Counseling the Anxious

Pastor Josh Loy

Anxiety exists on a spectrum from worry to panic disorders.  It's also one of the fastest growing categories of diagnosis in counseling contexts.  In this session, Joshua Loy will talk about how God uniquely speaks to this struggle and will consider practical solutions for working with anxious people.

True Repentance

Dr. Steve Walker,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Repentance is a foundational concept for both non-Christians and Christians. Without repentance, true lasting Christ-like change cannot take place. This class will cover the vital components of repentance and will provide practical steps required for those  walking the path of repentance.

Intentional Counselor Development

Cal Bauer,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Good biblical counselors are gifted, but they still need to be developed and overseen by the church.  Trained and experienced biblical counselors are a gift to the body and to a church.  To realize this gift fully requires a focused and intentional effort by those in leadership.

Involving Parents in Counseling Children

Pastor Alex Croutworst,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Parents need to be actively involved in the counseling process with their kids. The session will look at why this approach is biblical and practical ways to do it.

Small Groups: A Strategic Partnership

Pastor Dustin Slezak

The best plan for growth occurs when counseling in the office is combined with outside support.  Counseling in the office and continued discipleship through being involved with other Christians outside of the counseling office is best plan for continued spiritual growth. This session explores the strategic relationship between Small Group participation and Counseling, by providing a biblical foundation with  practical steps that can be taken when considering this key partnership.

Helping Counselees Develop a Right View of God

Pam Bauer, ACBC Certified Counselor

A key aspect of counseling is to orient the counselee's heart to God in the midst of their circumstances. This session will concentrate on helping your counselee to have a high and holy view of God, who sees them, hears them, and helps them. God is the source of hope.

Breakout #2

Foundations: Basics of Biblical Counseling (P2)

Speaker TBD

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) is a nationally recognized certifying agency for biblical counseling. One of the steps to becoming ACBC is to pass the ACBC exams. This class is designed to not only help beginning counselors understand the basics of biblical counseling, but it is also designed to help pass the ACBC counseling exam. This session considers these basic concepts: The Process of Biblical Change, Qualifications of a Biblical Counselor, and Getting to Heart Issues.

Suicide: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention

Pastor Bruce Ray

More than 130 people take their own lives each day, but many suicides are preventable if help is available. This session will introduce you to the world of suicidal thinking, show you how to help suicidal subjects, and how to assist family and friends when a suicide has occurred.

The Heart of Worship in Counseling

Pastor Koby Orr,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Worship influences heart change. Regardless of the location on the map or the cultures contained therein, music/singing/worship is found. Understanding that worship is part of the DNA of humanity, worship needs to be part of any counseling agenda. This class is designed to provide you with Scriptural support and practical concepts  to incorporate worship in the counseling process.

Understanding Heart Idolatry

Jim Sewell,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Biblical counseling often stresses the need to get to the heart of any issue. In dealing with issues of sin, specifically habitual sin, the concept of heart idolatry needs to be addressed. This breakout session will provide Scriptural support and helpful diagrams to better understand how the spiritual heart functions, how idols drive the heart, and what needs to happen in order to successfully and intentionally repent of heart idolatry.

Counseling LGBTQ+ Teens

Pastor Jon Walker

What does the counselor need to know in order to counsel LGBTQ+ teens with clarity, compassion and hope? What influences will they have to take into account that are unique to the world of a teen? What pitfalls should they avoid? What should they be prepared for in an issue that is likely only going to see continual increase in the coming years?

Renewing the Mind and Why it Matters
[Women Only]

Nancy Williams,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Since the fall, our desire for self-will, self-glory, self-gratification, self-righteousness and self-sufficiency has wreaked havoc on our hearts and minds. That is why we are called to renew our minds. This session will consider five  practical steps to help you renew your mind.

Making Disciples

Pastor Chad Torrison,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Counseling is a sub-category of the mandate found in Matthew 28:19 to make disciples of all the nations. This break-out session will unpack the biblical process of discipleship and examine how counseling, and other tools, can used  to make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Counseling Marriages on the Brink of Divorce

Scot & Nanette Loveless, ACBC Certified Counselors

What hope is there for saving a marriage when there have been years or decades of relationship wounds? What if the couple is separated? What if divorce papers have been or will soon be filed? What if only one spouse is willing to come to counseling?  In this session, we will explore some strategies which have been used to save marriages once  on the brink of divorce. We will help the counselor gain confidence in helping a couple or just one spouse to fight for their marriage.






Breakout #3

Foundations: Data Gathering

Speaker TBD

Proverbs 18:13 states, “If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” One of the most important goals for the first few sessions of counseling is gathering as much information about the counselee as possible,  to be able provide the wisest counsel possible. This session will help establish the biblical precedent for data gathering, and provide practical suggestions for data gathering. This session is designed to help answer questions on the ACBC exam related to gathering data.

The Secret to True Forgiveness

Pastor Craig Lofthus, ACBC Certified Counselor

How do you move forward when you’ve been sinned against?  How about when you’ve sinned against another?  God’s Word is sufficient to address these all-too-common problems and reveals His plan for true absolution in the Gospel. Come and hear how vitally important it is to be applying these biblical truths to our own relationships.

The Hope HOPE Groups can Provide your Counseling Ministry

Dr. Joe Miller and HOPE Leaders

Biblical counseling within in the local church is a team effort! Pastor Joe and our Hope Group leaders invite you to come and hear how small-group discipleship and counseling, (pertaining to specific suffering and sin) has proven effective in partnering with other ministries within the local church to provide comprehensive soul care for God’s people. CHCC Hope Groups include addiction, cancer, caregiving, divorce, grief, hurting wives, miscarriage and  infertility, sexual sin, and parents or spouses waiting in hope with loved ones struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Attributes of God in Counseling

Wendy Wood, ACBC Certified Counselor

This class will teach you how to help your counselees grow in their awe and reverence of God and understand how God's attributes matter in every moment of life, no matter what their circumstances might be.

The Value of Simple Diagrams

Pastor Larry 

When we make diagrams simple enough for a child to understand, it ends up being clear enough for everyone! Let’s look at some diagrams that help make difficult truths simple to understand.

Never Counsel Alone

Cindy Wray

Counseling in isolation is a recipe for disaster. This breakout session will cover five  reasons why every biblical counselor needs to be in community.  It will also  provide practical suggestions for all counselors that focus on remaining in community. 

Differentiating between Guilt, Shame, and Regret
[Women Only]

Kerry Heath, ACBC Certified Counselor

It is easy to confuse the experiences of guilt, shame, and regret.  Learn how the gospel speaks to each of these experiences in unique ways so that you can bring hope and comfort to counselees.


Breakout #4

Foundations: Getting Involved

Spreaker TBD

Involvement with your counselee is a key component for a biblical counselor and it is one component that is distinguishable from other forms of counseling. This breakout session will help counselors understand the biblical foundation for getting involved in a counselee’s life,  guard against over-involvement,  and  provide practical steps for fulfilling this key foundational concept. This session is designed to help answer questions on the ACBC exam related to gathering data.

Thinking Biblically About Addictions

Pastor Craig Lofthus,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Poor and inaccurate diagnosis will always lead to poor and inaccurate prescription. When dealing with addiction, there is a stark contrast between the world’s diagnosis and that of the Scriptures. Come and discern the difference as we place addictions under the lens of God’s all-sufficient Word and receive the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ.

Mistakes I’ve Made in International Biblical Counseling Training

Dr. Wayne Vanderwier,
ACBC Certified Counselor

This session will assist those considering cross-cultural ministry, to avoid mistakes already made by the presenter (and there are many!).  Issues include biblical, philosophical, cultural, and practical items.

The Power of the Gospel of Grace in Counseling

Dr. Joe Miller,
ACBC Certified Counselor

The grace of the Gospel is not only critical for salvation and glorification, but for our day-to-day process of sanctification.  This class will look at the various facets of the Gospel which that empower and equip us to have victory over various personal sin issues such as, fear, anxiety, depression, addiction, and various idols of the heart that we battle throughout this present life.

Simple Diagrams for Parents and Children

Pastor Larry 

Using a few simple diagrams not only explains truth clearly for kids, but gives families common language for future discussions and application.

Counseling Wives Who Have Been Abused [Women Only]

Wendy Wood,
ACBC Certified Counselor

This class will show you what to consider about abuse and how to rebuild a correct view of God, His Word, marriage, and womanhood.  You will also learn how to address common sinful responses of wives and how to address them biblically and gently.

Small Groups: Caring in the Crisis

Pastor Jeff Potts,
ACBC Certified Counselor

There are counseling situations which require more care for the counselee than one or two counselors can adequately provide. This breakout session will provide practical suggestions as to how Small Groups can provide support and care for a group member in crisis.



Breakout #5

Foundations: Giving Hope

Speaker TBD

Providing hope for those who are struggling with suffering and sin is perhaps the most important element  a counselor can provide in the first few sessions of counseling. This session will help counselors understand the biblical precedent and practical steps, for providing hope to those who need it most. This session is designed to help answer questions on the ACBC exam related to gathering data.

Interactive Case Study

Pastor Ben Marshall and Wendy Wood,
ACBC Certified Counselors

Co-Counseling can be a very rewarding experience for both the counselors and  the counselees.  This case study will provide a window into the co-counseling experience and provide some key concepts which help make co-counseling beneficial.

Heart-Focused Projects for Growth

Dr. Wayne Vanderwier,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Experienced biblical counselors know that the between-meeting assignments they give are one of the most important aspects of the counseling process. This session will review the rationale for and importance of these assignments and will include practical examples of heart-focused projects for growth

#RUHooked - Teens and Technology

Jonathan Smith

Social media is the number one activity for all internet users worldwide.  As with every aspect of our lives, there are some very clear guidelines in God’s Word that can be applied to our time online. Jonathan Smith helps us think, or think differently, about how we can use social media and technology in a responsible way.

 Biblical Meditation

 James Fields

 Empowering counselees to real, lasting change by means of the neglected tool of meditation.